How often do you lose confidence in your abilities when you are presented with challenges, setbacks, loss, or failures? When fear and doubt set in, and abruptly you’re A-game is no longer strong.

Life is a series of trials, and we all come face to face with situations that weren’t part of the plan or expected. People disappoint you, relationships end, or, you don’t get that job you worked so hard for. All examples of events that fling you off balance, leaving you feeling fragile, and in some instances unable to regain that self-belief and confidence you know lives inside of you.

Think of it this way, when life gets rough, the way in which you choose to overcome the high seas is, in essence, an opportunity to grow, learn, dig deep and toughen up, whilst never letting go of the awareness that you are strong enough to see yourself through.

Achieving this type of freedom is available to you, step-by-step training of how to live a life of abundance.

I’d like to share with you 10-Steps to Take Your Power Back (learnt from Tom Casano, CEO & Founder of Life Coach Spotter.) I have found these methods highly effective, and recommend you adopt each one right away to guide you back to believing in yourself:

  • ACCEPT Your Current Situation: Make peace with, and accept your current situation, including all the moments that have led up to it.
  • THINK About Your Past SUCCESS: Use your past to your advantage. Reflect on the days when you were strong and accomplished many things on your own. You did it before, you can do it again.
  • TRUST Yourself: The positive energy, strength, and courage you are seeking already live inside you. You have just forgotten for the moment. Spend time with yourself to rediscover these qualities. Activities such as meditation, exercise, or journaling will contribute to regaining composure and a sense of calm.
  • TALK to Yourself: Incorporate positive self-talk for motivation. Your thoughts create who you are becoming. Practice daily affirmations, and speak positively about yourself.
  • DON’T’ Let FEAR Stop You: Fear is the main agent that holds you back from believing in yourself. Fear that you will not be able to accomplish what you did before. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of loss. There is liberation in doing one thing every day that scares you. Therefore, when fear comes knocking on your door, face it, overcome it, and don’t allow it to hold you back.
  • Let Yourself OFF THE HOOK: Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for past failures, bad decisions, and mistakes. You are after all human and will stumble, but your past does not define you, and you are not your mistakes.
  • Move Forward with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Train your mind to find the good in where you find yourself. Uncover the lesson, and grow from the experience. Teach yourself to appreciate where you currently are. Focus on positive thoughts, words, and actions and soon your confidence will be in place once more. Try to have a positive attitude throughout your day.
  • Keep MOVING FORWARD and Never Look Back: Regaining your self-belief, and what you know you are capable of once you’ve set your mind to it after a negative, or painful experience is not a quick fix. Give time, time. There will be days where self-doubt outweighs feeling emotionally resilient – simply step through it, move forward, and don’t give up. Create an expectation in your mind that things will improve.
  • Let Life MOVE You: Embrace your journey’s natural flow. Let it be your guide. Find acceptance and move with, not against, the direction you are meant to go.
  • ASK for Help: Professional Life Coaches are trained to facilitate, support, and guide you through the process of going back to a place of healing. Equipped with the correct methods they are one of the best resources available to assist in refocusing on goals, identifying and resolving negative emotions, and breaking through limiting beliefs that you may be holding onto.

I am Debbie Hartmann, Transformational Life Coach – MyKindaLife Transformational Life Coaching. I am passionate about leading people to live a life of abundance. Please reach out if you are ready to explore your full potential, or need guidance in discovering your true potential.

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