My Kinda Life is owned by Debbie Hartmann who is an experienced Transformational Life, Relationship, and Teen Coach. There are various platforms in which coaching can be provided, including Online Coaching as well as In-Person Coaching.

In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 Tips on finding a Good Life Coach:

1. Aligning values and morals

Ensuring that your coach is aligned with your values and morals is of paramount importance as this creates the foundation for all conversations and engaging activities.

2. Determining the coaching style and methodologies used

The tools and techniques used in coaching are incredibly subjective and require an understanding of different personality types and adaptive learning styles.

3. Ensuring that the coach is trained and has adequate experience

A certified or trained coach is imperative to the success of your coaching journey. This proves that the coach has studied theoretical aspects related to proven methods of coaching and is equipped to assist and navigate through various issues and complex challenges.

4. Identify your specific areas of improvement

The coaching sessions with your coach are designed to explore opportunities that are action-oriented. The coach is required to assist individuals in arriving at their own solutions and creating sustained change.

5. Feeling comfortable expressing your feelings

One of the most important components of having a coach is ensuring that you feel safe in communicating your most honest and vulnerable feelings.

6. Knowledge and experiences sharing

Overcoming negative thinking has been proven to be more successful after hearing the experiences of others and how they navigated through those challenges. A coach is there to assist you in realising these different perspectives.

7. Life coaches should have specific characteristics, look out for these traits when choosing a coach

A coach should be approachable, friendly, and empathetic. Patience is crucial in the two-way communication during the coaching sessions.

8. Ensure that the coaching session has a specific curriculum designed to your needs

A reputable life coach will evaluate and identify aspects such as interpersonal skills and public speaking for example.

9. The coach should be able to facilitate discussions from the past to improve future design making

One should feel comfortable in discussing aspects such as Release Trauma or PTSD.

10. Choose a coach that is accessible and within budget if required

Coaching sessions are more valuable if done on a frequent basis. Ensure that your coach is available when required and you are able to afford the coaching sessions provided.

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