The teenage years, otherwise known as adolescence, prove to be the most challenging and intricate time of young persons’ lives. With the rapid brain development and hormonal changes, there are many things that teens go through. From trying to understand what is going on with themselves, and their bodies to the changes in their lives. Thank goodness for life coaching for teenagers! This blog explores practical life skills that teenagers can learn from online coaching.

What is teen coaching?

Teen coaching is an entry point into self-discovery and self-improvement. It deals with different areas of the teens being and life. These include (but are not limited to) personal growth, social anxiety, educational progress, and mental wellness. Teen coaching aims to tap into, maximise and reach their full potential. Read more on my website.

Online coaching is the same as one-on-one coaching. However, it is facilitated virtually through video calls. The same life skills applied in the one-on-one sessions are communicated and shared with teens online.

My Kinda Life Coaching Skills for Teens

Be it personal coaching or online coaching, at My Kinda Life, I go above and beyond to ensure that teens get the best advice to propel them into the best versions of themselves so that they can thrive in their growth through life.

The reality is that the world teens live in today is so much more complex than back in the day. Having acknowledged that, we also need to be mindful of anxiety and depression looming around them and being part of their lives. Family issues can trigger these mental illnesses, changes in their lives, bodily changes, pressure from school, peer pressure, and friends. There are a wide variety of factors that cause teenagers not to be well or motivated, for that matter.

Fortunately, life coaching has benefits that help teens with more mindfulness, responsibility, and skills. Let’s explore those skills a bit more:

  1. Self-Love, emotional resiliency, and affirmations.
  2. Academic motivation.
  3. Decision-making skills.
  4. Confidence and self-esteem building.
  5. Body image improvement.
  6. Stress management skills.
  7. Interpersonal skills, open communication.
  8. Transitional and adaptation skills.
  9. Goal development and how to achieve them.
  10. Consequences of their actions.

There are so many more skills to learn through life coaching. Meet your life coach and see just how much more you can benefit from these sessions. If you are a teenager reading this and want online coaching, get in touch with me. You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are a parent reading this and would like your teen to benefit from my online coaching service, do not hesitate to reach out and invest in creating the life they deserve.

Like Brian Tracy states: “If you can change your thinking, you can change your life.” That is the mandate at My Kinda Life, and I am here for teens who want to create a beautiful future for themselves.

My Kinda Life
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