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Online Coaching

I assist clients in all regions by facilitating life coaching sessions via video-calling like Zoom or Skype

In Person Coaching

I provide one on one coaching sessions for clients who reside in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area.

Offering the following services, I know we will find the solution to any obstacle you currently face.

Transformational Life Coaching And Self Development

Break the shackles of downplaying yourself through inner thoughts, negative emotions and a belief system that inhibits your self-growth.

Your subconscious mind is so much more powerful than you realise. A negative belief system about yourself and your capabilities, highlights your limitations and creates a feeling of not being enough, or that you cannot reach certain potentials, or dreams. Succumbing to these thoughts and fears spills into your reality and supports a negative, vicious circle of self-doubt and constraints. Inner conflict results in incongruence, which leaves you a stranger to yourself.

I can help you release these fears, negative self-talk, and negative emotions. Your emotional state determines the results you get in life. To change the result, you need to control your emotions and way of thinking.

Relationship Coaching

It’s no secret that communication is key to any healthy relationship, be it romantic, at work or in family relationships.

My main focus is to help my clients grow in their intellectual understanding of relationships, enabling them to understand how to cultivate a healthy relationship and build a fulfilling life around it.

Because communication and understanding doesn’t only come from one side, I also offer couples counselling, whereby understanding, communication skills and conflict resolution is the main focus to cultivate a healthy, loving relationship, enriching your life and your that of your loved one.


Psychotherapy and counselling analyse your past, and events that occurred in your life, which may have brought about certain behavioural or belief system difficulties. This is a long process that could take months and even years to resolve, but the ultimate core of the exercise is to plough into historic events and analyse them in order to support change.

Relationship coaching is vastly different in that it deals with present and future ideals and ways of thinking. It acts as a tool to facilitate renewed ideas and practice it in everyday life. Because relationship coaching is deemed less invasive and has a more targeted timeframe in which it resolves problematic behaviours, it is preferred to the traditional psychotherapy methods.

Relationship Coaching Supports The Following Scenarios

Single individuals searching for a meaningful relationship

Relationship Coaching can help individuals better understand what character traits are holding them back and can act as a motivational tool for such individuals, empowering them with confidence.

Couples who are transitioning to a more serious level in their relationship.

Relationship Coaching teaches techniques that facilitate living together comfortably, giving each other the requisite space, while simultaneously allowing the relationship to continue blossoming. Relationship Coaching can give individuals valuable insight into themselves as well as their significant others.

Couples experiencing strenuous relationship issues, but refuse to abandon their love for each other.

Some relationships need help from the outside. While the two individuals absolutely adore each other, there are certain behavioral tendencies that hurt the relationship. These behaviors can be eradicated by understanding it better and providing tools and techniques to support the growth of the relationship.


Young lives are the foundation of our future. The years of adolescence are what many deem to be the most difficult time of our lives.

The reasons are so vast, ranging from the physical biology and the makeup of a young brain, to outside factors that influence young minds, such as peer pressure and rapid body transformations.

The path to self-discovery can be a daunting and lonely one if done without support. It can lead young adults astray or, could result in a fulfilled, abundant adult life.

A strong self-concept is vitally important to cope with life in the 21st century and to develop the agility required to survive and thrive with constant change.

I can facilitate a structured program based on practical exercises that teach young minds to deal with the changes their body offers so rapidly, peer pressure, academic stress and the elusive confidence, so many young adults struggle with. 

In the 21st century, being a teenager is no longer what it was back in the sixties, seventies or even the eighties.  I offer solutions to present obstacles in a way suited to the modern world, while creating a warm, exciting atmosphere in which young adults experience challenges in a positive manner and overcome encounters with a resilient approach.

Coaching Is Essential In Dealing With



Lack Of Motivation

Poor Self-confidence

Low Self-esteem

Poor Education Performance

Substance Abuse

Poor Body Concepts

Weak Relationships

Typical Adolescent Behavior Obstacles

The After-effects Of Divorces

The Struggle Is Real For Teens

School, Social Media, Sports, academic pressure, friends, family, and the unrelenting truth that they do not yet understand who they are, because physically, their minds are not ready.

These stressors can lead to coping mechanisms like vaping, substance abuse or cutting.

Do not let your loved teenager get caught in the cycle or become a statistic.

I Help Young People Find

What their inherent goals are.

What obstacles they face in unlocking their true potential and reaching these goals.

How to overcome and eliminate poor belief systems that withhold them from their dream life.

Teenagers are complicated and while everyone wants to help with the best intention, often the solutions need to be provided by a professional. Help your child feel heard, important and facilitate a positive change that they are excited about.

Transforming your life does not require hard work. You can begin to change your life at any moment by simply making a choice and changing your mind. You already have that great life within you, so take the leap of faith and commit to having the most extraordinary life you were made to have.


It all starts with you.

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Transformation Coach, Life Coach, NLP Life Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy ™ Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych).

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