The similarities between Counselling, Coaching and Therapy

We all go through trials and tribulations that might set us off course. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually we get challenged, and many times we don’t know how to get through a situation, or we feel “stuck” in mundane routine life. As a result, we lose the passion and motivation to move forward. You try your best to motivate yourself or keep going, but it feels too hard. Then you decide to reach out for help. But which route should you go? Who will help and understand you? A therapist, life coach or counsellor? Thankfully, this blog explains the similarities between Counselling, Coaching and Therapy to assist you in making the right choice for you. As a result, you can create the Kinda Life you deserve.


Counselling, Coaching and Therapy. What Do These Mean?

I know you’ve heard “that a positive mind makes a positive life”. However, sometimes even with your best efforts, you might feel “stuck” in life, and you need the right kind of people to assist you with treatment or coaching to bring you back to that level of conscious living, good vibrations, and alignment with self and truth. My website is an excellent place for you to start researching what you require.

When considering making a positive change in your life, you need to reach out to a qualified person to assist. The options will include a Counsellor, Life Coach or Therapist. Although they may sound, all the same, they hold their respective positions in different ways as their roles cater to different needs in people’s lives. Let’s get into defining each of these occupations, shall we.*


Counselling: The process of helping, monitoring and guiding clients by a trained and professional person to resolve personal, social and psychological problems. To elaborate, counselling also deals with one’s development and empowers you to improve your abilities, reasoning, and decision-making skills.

Coaching: The concept of life coaching is orientated toward helping a client, usually on a professional basis, achieve specifically defined goals, maximize their potential, eliminate negative thinking and resolve inner conflict. Clients take the lead, and the coaches increase their unconscious potential. Life coaching is a misunderstood concept and is considered by some to be a modern form of counselling. There are many different kinds of coaching like teen, transformational, relationship, sports, lifestyle and business coaching.

The critical thing about it is the success it has had over the years in helping turn people’s lives around. For more understanding of this, visit my website and meet your coach.

Therapy: Therapy is a treatment for people with psychological problems. Therapists would help their clients work through their emotional issues while providing guidelines for moving forward. It is also called Psychotherapy as well as talk therapy. It is a treatment to relieve mental health problems and emotional distress.


You can learn more about the occupation of coaching in its different streams on my website. Now that you understand what each different type of profession is, I can explain how we are all similar in many ways.


The 8 Similarities of Counselling, Therapy and Coaching

One thing worth noting is how these professions easily interrelate and are loosely connected in how they are practiced. This will be a recurring trend in the following similarities. After reading through the similarities, you can define which professional will suit best your needs.


  1. Coaches, Therapists and Counselors focus on helping people by using similar interpersonal communication skills to build rapport and connect with their clients.
  2. The three are all aimed at helping people become a better version of themselves and improve their quality of life through different modalities and treatment methods.
  3. Coaching and counselling also focus on optimizing the skills and strengths of their clients and helping them transition into their aspired life or goals.
  4. They all involve listening, talking, giving exercises and unearthing the root cause of the client’s problem.
  5. They all provide safe settings for communication and honesty while tackling complex issues of different kinds.
  6. All three are similar in awakening and encouraging awareness and learning for their clients.
  7. Neutrality, support and no-judgement are what they each stand for and provide.
  8. In all three occupations, clients receive feedback concerning their progress.


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Be it coaching, therapy or counselling; everyone needs an uplifting and supportive professional to help them get back on track. So follow me on Facebook or contact me to get a glimpse of how I can assist you in living a life of awareness, alignment and fulfilment. Remember, you can create the life you deserve!

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